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Published Articles:

Frost, Kayaking Women and Boat Building by Deb Walters of Kayak For Safe Passage Kids

Marine Environmental Research Corporation (MERC) for Dr. Deb Walters and GIBY boat shop mention

How To Have A Wooden Boat Without Having To Have A Wooden Boat by Eric Hedberg of Rionholdt Once and Future Boats Ltd.

Favorite Links:

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Eastern Burlap & Trading Company
Faithful service-oriented supplier of boatbuilding materials – friendly, competent and reliable.

W.T. Fary Bros.
Competent, professional source for building materials.

Kestrel Tool
Worthy artisans, makers of elbow adzes that we heavily rely on in our work.

Parsley’s Brass
Worthy artisan, our go-to guy for bronze boat hardware.

Dabbler Sails
With Dabbler Sails around, we look no further for a sailmaker.

Off Center Harbor
“185+ quality videos cover how to build a wooden boat, seamanship, legendary boats, repairs, boat maintenance and more.”

Hove to off Swan Point: Sailing as slow as I can…
A favored blog about “Sjogin”, Beaton’s Boatyard, and Life.