Various Affiliations Onsite

Middle Peninsula Chesapeake Bay Public Access Authority
With the newly formed Virginia Coastal Access Alliance, we are working closely with MP-PAA, who together are providing managed public waterfront access for our area.  As basic headquarters for the VCAA, we are opening our doors to accommodate and support the needed social benefit that this partnership is only beginning to enable for our communities.

Bay Built Boats
We also are working with the seasoned shipwrights of BBB, who make their home here at GIBY from time to time.  They bring their solid array of skills and stories to the table.

Mathews Maritime Foundation
GIBY has been home to MMF for a number of years as their waterfront address for the “Peggy of Newpoint,” Mathews County’s flagship and, though a new location is being sought to ultimately house their Museum with waterfront access also for their Donor Boat Program, until such time we definitely welcome “Miss Peggy’s” presence.